Whether you’re married, single, or about to be married Dr. David and Janet Congo have over 30 years of experience helping people like you!

Best Marriage Counseling And Couples Counseling In Laguna Hills

Couples Therapy


If you are looking for the best marriage therapist or counseling center in orange county, Los Angeles county or the surrounding area, then you are looking for Janet Congo. Most couples in trouble who are trying to save their marriage want to know that they are working with someone trustworthy and that has plenty of experience. And most of all, couples trying to stay together are looking for someone who is going to listen!

Dr. David and Janet Congo have been working with couples for over 30 years, married to each other, and working together requires listening! They are as real as it gets, and want to share their journey, and their walk with you so that you can not only keep your marriage and relationship alive, but have a marriage that is thriving! Their goal is to help couples keep the WOW in their VOW! WOW means Welcoming each Other’s World.

They’ve used their experience all around North America speaking in marriage conferences including their own LifeMates seminar series. They’ve helped thousands of couples improve their relationships with each other.

In addition to their counseling service, they also offer marriage tips and advice through their blog series. Marriage Mediations includes wisdom from the Bible, inspirational and wise words from the world, and as well as their prayer for you, the reader! Marriage Moments is a great way, every Friday, to bring up great and meaningful conversation with your spouses. And the Conscious Lover’s Blog is more of a long form read that includes some advice and stories from their own experience in the journey of their relationship.



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